Tim Goff – “Alvin”

“This isn’t a choice for me, I have to do this, if I don’t, I’ll bleed to death.” ~ Tim Goff

As a wee lad of 6 years, Tim thought he’d impress the young ladies in the neighborhood by ripping his clothes and becoming the Hulk and tried to prove it by stepping on broken glass. No one was impressed, young or old. Little Timmy was, however, a “green” actor, after all.

Two years later, after discovering the likes of Keaton & Chaplin, he was given the nod at the Milton E. Earl School to put on a variety show… the idea was quickly squashed at home, however. The creative energy later found its way into poetry, music & painting until he was recruited by a local Rocky Horror Picture Show Company and again on the Your Theater, Inc. stage, after a serendipitous conversation with a friend which turned out to be that fork in the road. He was home.

Tim quickly found himself sinking his teeth into the sensitive and mentally challenged Jamie in “The Hot  L  Baltimore” and further pressing himself into lead roles, such as Felix Humble in “Humble Boy”, which put him on the radar. Always looking for another creative hoop to jump through, he made the leap to film and has since starred in almost 40 films, ranging from student to indie & short to feature, and everything from comedy to heavy drama, but this is Tim’s first foray into the likes of horror and couldn’t be happier being directed, for the third time, by David Humphreys.


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