5 Aug

On Saturday we had a casting session to find an actor for the character Needles. Needles was particularly difficult to cast because of the nature of the character, he has to be at once powerful, yet scared, a passive leader, and a bit trashy.

Finding the right actor for this role has been difficult because we need someone who has a wide range, yet is able to make these conflicting character traits appear natural and unforced.

With a wonderful turnout of talented actors, it has been a tough decision, but we think we have found the right candidate…

Within the next few days, we will announce that actor. In the meantime, feel free to read about our other talented actors (above) and follow us on Facebook!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Locations, Locations, Locations

3 Aug

As of this afternoon, we (finally!) have three possible locations — one in Hull, MA, and two in Falmouth, MA, which we plan on scouting on Saturday, Aug. 11.

The biggest challenge thus far has been finding a location that will both support our cast and crew (which, we imagine should be around 15 people), and allow for us to film necessary scenes. Although this has been challenging, it also allows for us to creatively problem solve and overcome pre-production obstacles.

The way this has been shaping up, it appears we may film in multiple locations, which should be interesting come post-production.

Stay tuned for a (hopefully) major casting update within the next few days, as well as pictures from the locations, as they are available.

Adios, amigos!

Goodbye, World!

1 Aug

A common beginning post for blogs is titled as “Hello World”. Oftentimes used to introduce the blog, the usage comes from the early years of coding to introduce basic syntax.

In our case, we found it more fitting to begin by saying “Goodbye.” Goodbye can mean a lot of things, from fleeting words of young lovers to the absolute goodbye at a hospice bedside. In the case of our film, goodbye means losing loved ones to the commonplace, the everyday, the Flu.

In Night Surf, based upon a short story by Stephen King, we hope to fully explore the concept of loss in the face of impending mortality.

Stay with us over the next few months while we chronicle the production process of Night Surf. This site should serve as your portal for cast and crew bios, production stills, behind-the-scene blogs, and more.

Goodbye for now.