David Humphreys – Director

There was a year, a golden year, one of fond memories and long summer nights — for convenience, we’ll say… 1991. During this time, the most used thing Dave owned was a VHS copy of The Wizard of Oz.

Captivated by the story of a young woman whisked away from her everyday life into a technicolor dreamscape, he watched the film every day. For an entire year. In retrospect, it more than likely might have kept him quiet long enough for his parents to slip away and enjoy a quiet afternoon, or, perhaps equally as likely, he was just an odd child. In any case, The Wizard of Oz brought with it an appetite for movies, and eventually Cinema, that grew and expanded and redoubled and compounded until… BAM! Twenty-two years, a few scripts, and countless shorts later, he graduated from Emerson College’s Media Art MFA program.

Now, he can usually be found in a dark room doing one of two things: editing or watching a film. Since creation and consumption go hand-in-hand, Dave regards this time as strictly “professional development” and not as “entertainment,” although, honestly, when you do what you love, is there any difference?


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    […] their cast after weeks of searching for the perfect fit for each of the seven roles. Director, Dave Humphreys had specific looks in mind for each character and found some very special actors for them. For more […]

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