The Icing of Casting

9 Aug

Casting, as I mentioned in an earlier post, is both extremely difficult, and integral to the success of a film. To help explain how important it is to find the right actors, I’m going to compare them to cake — in doing this, I don’t mean to offend any actors out there (nor any particularly well made cakes).

If filmmaking were cake making, the actors aren’t the flour, baking soda, or water that go into the batter. They aren’t the sugar, vanilla, or eggs. Hell, they aren’t even the icing and sprinkles on top. Acting is, without a doubt,  the 9.5″ pan passed down from grandma, the one that without, you couldn’t even dream of perfection.

So far, we’ve been lucky, but still in need of that final actor to complete the Night Surf team. And, as of this afternoon, we are excited to announce we have found that person.

Paul Goleburn, a senior at Emerson College, will be joining us as Needles, as we venture forward into the unknown that is filmmaking.

So long, for now!


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